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Corsi Sub-Dive School-Diving-Courses Diving
Open water diver – CMAS*
Profondità: -18m
Prezzo: €480

Scuba Dive*
Profondità: -12m
Prezzo: €250

Advanced CMAS 2*
Profondità: -30m
Prezzo: €400

Advanced Plus*
Profondità: -39m
Prezzo: €480

Prezzo: €380

Bls-D (4-5 ore)
Prezzo: €120

Prezzo: €500

Divemaster - CMAS 3*
Prezzo: €550

Divemaster + 4 specialità (navigazione, night, nitrox, naturalist)*
Prezzo: €750

Instructor ISDA CMAS*
Prezzo: €1400

Assistant Instructor ISDA CMAS*
Prezzo: €800

Corso Apnea (Free Diving)*
Prezzo 1°Livello (Brevetto): €450
Prezzo Corso Base: €300

Corsi di Specialità - Speciality Courses
Profonda(deep), Notturna(Night) Relitti (Wreck) Grotte(Cavern)*
Prezzo: €280

Naturalist, Ricerca e Recupero(Research and Recovery), Assetto(Bcd)*
Prezzo: €240

Video, Fotosub, Protezione Civile per Sommozzatori, Nitrox*
Prezzo: €320

Esperienza subacquea - Discovery -Test Diving
Battesimo subacqueo – Diving Test
Prezzo: €70 (1 diver), €60 (2 divers), €50 (more divers)

Apnea mini corso (un giorno) Mini Free Diving Course
Prezzo: €120

Discovery Scuba Diving* (2 Dives)
Prezzo: €110

Corso Snorkeling (1 exit at sea)
Prezzo: €80

Immersioni - Dives
Immersione da terra (shore dive)
Prezzo: €30

Immersione da barca (boat dive)
Prezzo: €38

Full Day to shore or boat
Prezzo: €70

4 dives package
Prezzo: €180

6 dives package (with equipment)
Prezzo: €240

Immersione notturna da terra - Night Dive from shore
Prezzo: €50

Immersione notturna da barca - Night Dive by boat
Prezzo: €60

Immersione Tecnica da Barca senza attrezzatura - Tek Dive with Boat without equipment
Prezzo: €70
nolo attrezzatura (per pezzo) - equipment rental (per piece): €10
noleggio stage con Nitrox 40% - stage rental Nitrox 40%: €22

Noleggio attrezzatura ricreativa completa - recreational equipment rental
Prezzo: €30

Corsi Tecnici – Tek Courses (-50/-60mt)
Configuration - Tek Dive - Decompression Nitrox - Deep Air (no mix stage)
Prezzo: €500

Sidemount-Cave (Basic Equipment provided)
Prezzo: €450

Le immersioni ricreative sono comprensive di bombola, pesi e guida sub Recreational Dives include weights, cylinders and guide

* immersioni da costa - shore dives

Our diving courses

Diving courses from basic to technical level


With the Snorkeling and Skin Diver ISDA courses, practical exercises will take you gradually to become familiar with the equipment and with being underwater; sooner than you imagine, you will find yourself "flying" in the water, feeling light and serene, the master of the just discovered “Planet Sea”. In so many seas, it is enough to just wear a mask and fins to discover the beauty of the seabed and a new amazing world of flora and fauna. But is it really enough to wear mask and fins?



Snorkeling is also an activity that requires attention and can hide difficulties. For this reason, it is always good to rely on a professional for being accompanied and to learn the basics to enjoy the hike in all safety.


The Skin Diver ISDA course is a simple and fun training program which will make you acquire the fundamental knowledge and necessary techniques for carrying out recreational activities of snorkeling and limited freediving , gradually getting in contact with the world of diving. An excellent first step to discover the submarine world and then continue with the ARA, Freediving or Snorkeling courses.


The ISDA Snorkeling Guide is a professional figure qualified to organize, conduct and manage snorkeling excursions. Able to organize the group and provide information on local flora and fauna, the Snorkeling Guide is prepared on local regulations and ready to face any emergency situations, a "close" encounter with a fire coral, an illness or any other inconvenience. She/he is a guarantee of safety who will make the snorkeling excursion experience happen in the best of ways. The ISDA Snorkeling Guide course is officially recognized by CDWS, an Egyptian governmental organ, as a prerequisite for applying for a license for Snorkeling Guide in the resorts of Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.


These courses are reserved for students under the age of 15. In the educational system, junior courses differ from adult courses, as well as for the age of the participants, even for the qualification to the final depth that can be reached thanks to the possession of the patent. These are the only differences with the courses for adults. Indeed, during the junior courses, students will perform the same exercises in the water, they will study the same theory topics and will have to pass the same exams as the elderlies. Remember that Junior course patents, like all ISDA patents, are available free of charge in digital version. You will receive them via email and you can also, at any time, view them directly on the ISDA site or download them to another device to never have to give up on adventure, even if you forgot your laminated patent at home!


The Open Water Diver - CMAS 1 course is your first step into the world of diving. The explanations of your ISDA Instructor, your textbook and the quizzes you will find in each chapter, will help you easily learn the basics to go underwater with self-contained breathing apparatus. You will learn how the water pressure acts on ours body, how to communicate with your diving buddy and how to use the equipment. Practical exercises will gradually lead you to become familiar with the equipment and with being underwater; sooner than you imagine, you will find yourself "flying" in the water, feeling light and serene, master of the newly discovered "Planet Sea". With the Open Water Diver certification you can dive all over the world, albeit as a beginner and up to a maximum depth of 18 meters. If you want to complete your basic training and have the opportunity to explore the seabed and coral reefs up to 30 meters, experience the thrill of diving at night or exploring fascinating wrecks, proceed immediately with the Advanced Open Water Diver course. The Open Water Junior certification can be obtained from the age of 12 (at discretion the instructor's age can be lowered to 10 years) and, following the same program, enables you to dive up to 12 meters with a guide.


These two courses are dedicated to those who feel attracted by the sea and by what is hidden under its surface but still think scuba diving is a challenging and hard discipline. With the Intro course, diving trial or baptism of water it is possible to "break the ice” with this new world and experience a real diving, guided by the Instructor. With a ratio of 1: 1, the instructor will be able to drive the neophyte in a "personalized" way, taking him by the hand in a pleasant, safe and, above all, exciting experience. The Discover Scuba Diver course is a program designed to offer a simple and fun training, a short experience that includes two sessions in the water, to receive some of the basic knowledge of diving: the correct compensation, recognition of equipment, use of underwater signals e the application of the rules of respect for the sea are the first basic lessons of ISDA training.


The Scuba Diver represents in effect the first real step in the world of underwater. It is the first level that issues a patent and is ideal for those who have a few days to disposition or just wants to "taste" the world of diving. It consists, in fact, in the first part of the Open Water Diver course and the textbook that your ISDA Instructor will give you is that of Open Water. It will therefore be possible, even at a later time, to continue the lessons and acquire the Open Water Diver certification easily and quickly. The Scuba Diver has international significance, both in its plasticized patent and in its digital version. It allows you to dive to the depth of -12mt, in the company of a Divemaster or higher. The Junior Scuba Diver patent is accessible from 12 years of age, while the Scuba Diver certification is accessible from 15 years of age.