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Corsi Sub-Dive School-Diving-Courses Diving
Open water diver – CMAS*
Profondità: -18m
Prezzo: €480

Scuba Dive*
Profondità: -12m
Prezzo: €250

Advanced CMAS 2*
Profondità: -30m
Prezzo: €400

Advanced Plus*
Profondità: -39m
Prezzo: €480

Prezzo: €380

Bls-D (4-5 ore)
Prezzo: €120

Prezzo: €500

Divemaster - CMAS 3*
Prezzo: €550

Divemaster + 4 specialità (navigazione, night, nitrox, naturalist)*
Prezzo: €750

Instructor ISDA CMAS*
Prezzo: €1400

Assistant Instructor ISDA CMAS*
Prezzo: €800

Corso Apnea (Free Diving)*
Prezzo 1°Livello (Brevetto): €450
Prezzo Corso Base: €300

Corsi di Specialità - Speciality Courses
Profonda(deep), Notturna(Night) Relitti (Wreck) Grotte(Cavern)*
Prezzo: €280

Naturalist, Ricerca e Recupero(Research and Recovery), Assetto(Bcd)*
Prezzo: €240

Video, Fotosub, Protezione Civile per Sommozzatori, Nitrox*
Prezzo: €320

Esperienza subacquea - Discovery -Test Diving
Battesimo subacqueo – Diving Test
Prezzo: €70 (1 diver), €60 (2 divers), €50 (more divers)

Apnea mini corso (un giorno) Mini Free Diving Course
Prezzo: €120

Discovery Scuba Diving* (2 Dives)
Prezzo: €110

Corso Snorkeling (1 exit at sea)
Prezzo: €80

Immersioni - Dives
Immersione da terra (shore dive)
Prezzo: €30

Immersione da barca (boat dive)
Prezzo: €38

Full Day to shore or boat
Prezzo: €70

4 dives package
Prezzo: €180

6 dives package (with equipment)
Prezzo: €240

Immersione notturna da terra - Night Dive from shore
Prezzo: €50

Immersione notturna da barca - Night Dive by boat
Prezzo: €60

Immersione Tecnica da Barca senza attrezzatura - Tek Dive with Boat without equipment
Prezzo: €70
nolo attrezzatura (per pezzo) - equipment rental (per piece): €10
noleggio stage con Nitrox 40% - stage rental Nitrox 40%: €22

Noleggio attrezzatura ricreativa completa - recreational equipment rental
Prezzo: €30

Corsi Tecnici – Tek Courses (-50/-60mt)
Configuration - Tek Dive - Decompression Nitrox - Deep Air (no mix stage)
Prezzo: €500

Sidemount-Cave (Basic Equipment provided)
Prezzo: €450

Le immersioni ricreative sono comprensive di bombola, pesi e guida sub Recreational Dives include weights, cylinders and guide

* immersioni da costa - shore dives

Dromia Sub, our Team

All the instructors who can take you to discover the underwater world


Hi, I'm Sergio, Instructor Trainer and head of the underwater activities of Dromia Sub. My grandfather passed on to me the passion for the sea and always said "The sea is my homeland", "The Boat is my Treasure", "The Wind is my Law", "Freedom is my God".


Hi, i am Francesco. I have been collaborating with Dromia Sub for over ten years. I am an OWD instructor and diving guide. I love to pass on my skills to students and guide guests to discover our depths full of caves, wrecks and, of course, fish. We look forward to seeing you with the hospitality that distinguishes us. See you soon!


I'm Rosy, I've been diving for many years and I've been Divemaster since 2003. I like to share my passion by accompanying you for a diving test, the so-called "BAPTISM OF THE SEA". I wait for you!


I am Mino, a Divemaster Instructor, Deco Diver and Sidemount Instructor. "DIVE TO LIVE"


I am Annamaria, a BLS-d instructor for passion, aware and convinced that everyone of us can make a difference if properly informed and trained!


I am Emanuele and I have been diving since 2019 and I am a Divemaster, my passions are cave and night dives. I can't wait to have you as a dive buddy!


Hi, I'm Fabrizio, I'm an Assistant Instructor and dive guide; my love for the sea is increased from year to year and for this reason we never fail to take out, in every dive, plastic or other materials that disfigure our Wonderful sea.


I am Giampiero, I obtained the first scuba diver license in 1982 and since then I have obtained all the necessary patents to become a FIAS instructor in 1989. I did this activity continuously, becoming a 3-star CMAS Master Instructor. Since then, I have continued to dive and I like to accompany other divers to get to know the beauties of the sea.


I'm Luigi called Gigi, diving instructor of the Dromia Sub center. Seeing the wonder in the eyes of children who discover the wonderful and varied underwater world is for me and for our school a source of great satisfaction.


Hello everyone, I'm Giulio, I've been diving for 2 years and I'm a Divemaster, my passion are caves and wrecks. I can't wait to have you as my diving companion and to show you the beauties that our sea offers. Soon!

Isabella e Luca

Hi, we are Isabella and Luca, respectively Divemaster and Assistant Instructor, lovers of the seabed; We have been part of the Dromia Sub staff for about 5 years, a group of friends and professionals of the sea! We dive every week, even in winter and sometimes we organize diving trips both in Salento and abroad!


I'm Rino, a Divemaster with Cave specialties! If you want to visit the beautiful caves of Santa Caterina, I'll take you. You will be thrilled!